We offer a wide variety of decorating processes. We have heat transfers, hot foil stamping, pad printing, etc.

Hot Foil Stamping

We also offer a hot stamping process for decorating parts. In this process, a heated die applies pressure to a hot stamping foil that is pressed against the plastic part. The heat and pressure from the die transfers the pigment from the hot stamping foil onto the plastic part.

Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer is another type of decorating that is similar to hot foil stamping. This process uses a combination of heat, pressure, and dwell to apply a pre-printed graphic permanently to your part. The benefit to heat transfers is that you get a detailed vibrant multi-colored image applied to your part without the add cost of multicolor set ups.

Pad Printing

We offer pad printing which is a method of decorating plastics parts. This process uses a silicone pad to pick up your ink image off of a cliché and transfer onto your part.